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I am Mistress Eira. When you approach me, you can experience the gaze, attention and presence of a playful, creative, powerful, seductive and controlling MistressYou will find that my pleasure is genuine as W/we embark on an adventure together.

I am a professional Dominatrix which means I don't offer sex services. I enjoy the fact that there is a genuine connection between U/us. My dominance style varies depending on who I'm playing with. I can be compassionately instructive, seductively playful, strict and craving obedience. Finally I am always affectionate and friendly. What happens between us stays between us. Privacy, both mine and yours, is the number one thing for me.


Kuva: Heavy Fog Studios


I will chat with you on the phone before the start of our session. We create a connection and a sense of trust between us so that you feel good about submitting to me. The most common requests I get are related to handling a man's butt and using a strap-on as well as sissification, ie. dressing you up as a woman to please me. You are not weird or perverted if you have such fantasies.

I use my gift of dominance to give my subs acceptance, emotional security and light their inner fire. I aim to empower both them and myself on an emotional level and help them get into a state that is more relaxing than a deep massage.


 When you book a session with me, it's about taking care of your own sexuality and emotional life. It's not something to be ashamed of or afraid of. You can only be free from fear and shame by doing the thing that scares or shames you.


For me, it's amazing and eye-opening to peek into your fantasies and take part in making them come true. My services are legal and based on agreement and trust between adults.


I am open and accepting of different fetishes. However, it is possible that I cannot implement something with you, e.g. any permanent mental, emotional or physical damage is absolutely prohibited.

For me, BDSM is a philosophy and an art form. It is a way of life for me that strengthens me and empowers my clients and partners. I started in the BDSM scene as a hobby. Today I am a professional Dominatrix.

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What happens between us stays between us - I won't post or share anything anywhere. Privacy, both mine and yours, is the number one thing for me. My guests are unique and my principle is that I will not ask about your private life or background and I will not judge them.

I have a wide interest and knowledge of the BDSM world. You can find my interests and skills here: Sessions. I enjoy e.g. using a strapon, leather and rubber outfits, abdl play and other fetish play.

I expect you to be polite, courteous and hygienic when we meet. It is okay if you're a little nervous - it's just lovely and nerve-tickling. Remember that you can only make a first impression once. I will not meet you if you are clearly under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

"The value of a woman's acceptance, appreciation and joy is immeasurable in price."

Let go of your inhibitions and face your fantasies and submissive needs respectfully and safely. Find out what inspires and fascinates you.


Kuva: Heavy Fog Studios


"A true gift is a gift that is given without expecting anything in return."

I will not expect gifts when W/we meet - they're just a lovely surprise! If you want to give Me a gift that will really put a smile on My face, you can do it here.


When you want to book a session with Me, read this guide first.

I am available during the day between 09:00 and 22:00.

I ask that you contact Me in time when you want to make an appointment with Me. My sessions are in demand and session reservations for the same day are the most popular. You can ask Me about session slots when you've filled My application for according to My guidelines above.

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