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Bdsm domina fetissi


Fulfill your fantasies related to your submissive desires and fetishes -- you can find more activities here


Have you been a naughty student who needs to have a talk with the principal? Perhaps the teacher dressed in a uniform gives Her student a detention that will still be felt in your bottom a week later. Maybe Mother has to discipline you because you arrived home too late. Or maybe a nurse will carefully examine all of your body orifices during a routine inspection. In role-playing, the only limit is the sky.


My feminine feet demand your worship and attention. I have a place open for a footstool, a bather and a personal massage therapist. I will decide whether to wash My leather boots with water or with your tongue. If you fantasise about being crushed I'll be very happy to stomp on you or walk on you. I enjoy seeing your cheek under the sole of My foot so you know exactly where you belong.


Money slavery turns Me on. I will gladly receive your hard-earned salary and I will fully enjoy it for example by treating Myself to a massage or dinner. I'll be more than happy to oblige you to be My ATM with your safety and limits in mind. Through TeamViewer I will force you to watch Me spend your money on underwear, fetish gear, treats, lovely toys and beauty treatments.


I might spit the treat I've already chewed up on your body or in your mouth to show you that I own you. I'll mark you with My pee and I will let My golden shower wash over you. You exist to act as My toilet and your mission in life is to partake in the drinking of My golden nectar so that you can literally feel My dominance in your veins, filling your stomach. Scat play is best done in the mornings around 8-9 am and in the afternoon after 5 pm. You get to see up close how I take care of My natural needs.


Urethral sounding, ie. feeling your urethra with a surgical steel probe gives Me pleasure. I will test how devoted you are to My sadistic pleasure. Perhaps your fantasy involves your testicles being trampled with high heels or having your cock spanked. Endorphins flow as I enjoy using you. I always start gently and My grip tightens over time as I see and hear your receptivity to My desire. If you enjoy different materials like leather, rubber or latex, I might make you smell and taste My legs, crotch or armpits. It depends on you and your behavior whether My treatment is gentle or painful...


Do you fantasize about how pain and tenderness alternate? My touch can be a quick and powerful palm strike on your buttocks as well as a gentle caress. Do you want to hear Me laugh or smirk as you squirm in front of Me bound tightly in rope? Perhaps you want to experience what it feels like to be literally at the mercy of My electric toys. If you're more into psychological power play My verbal sparring will keep you firmly in check. I might make you clean My whole house naked or act as My human furniture. I can lift My tired feet on My faithful footstool or enjoy wonderful refreshments from My human tray.


I will dress you in lovely feminine clothes. Perhaps you enjoy the soft caress of silk against your skin or, for example, the feel of mesh tights against your thighs. I will put on beautiful makeup on your face and I will be happy to braid your long hair. I will shape and mold you into a perfectly pleasing slut that I can put on the street in our role-play to sell yourself for Me. I will train you to be a perfect housemaid for Me, whose existence will serve My needs for cleanliness, order -- and the humility of My sissy slave.


Do you ache to to feel My touch in your bottom? Perhaps you enjoy anal plugs or pearls. I enjoy thrusting deep into you with my strap-on dildo. I have dildos of different thickness and feel of which W/we will surely find a suitable one. I will stretch and train your bottom to accept different toys and sensations. How does an ice cube feel in your anus? I might want to find out more about how receptive your bottom is. If you wish for a fisting session it is a more valuable additional wish for which I prepare carefully in advance.


I'll change your diapers, wipe your bottom with talcum powder and then it's nap time. When you wake up from your nap I will feed you, holding you in my lap. Sometimes Mother is tender and nurturing, sometimes She's punishing. I'm sure you understand that everything I do is for your own good. You leave Me with no choice as I have to get the lesson across. If you have a particular brand of diapers that you prefer, bring them with you. I have diapers, pacifiers and baby bottles as well as washcloths. For older children and toddlers, there are colouring books, soft plushie toys and other nice things.


I examine you based on your picture. According to your fantasy and O/our agreement I can tell you what I especially like about your body part(s) or I can be very demanding and critical so that your cheeks heat up with My judgment. I can come up with weekly tasks for you: I will eg. make you jerk off on a plate which you will lick clean for Me when you've finished. W/we agree upon in advance that you will provide Me with a picture or video as proof that the task has been successfully completed and approved.


Do you feel that you need strict discipline regarding your sexuality? Do you enjoy having someone else control your pleasure? I will gladly lock you in a chastity belt and regulate your sexual pleasure. When you surrender yourself and the keys to your chastity belt to Me you will experience the ultimate and safe loss of control.


Do you enjoy the fact that you can't have too much of a good thing - or anything at all? Does post-orgasmic torture make you feel uncomfortable in a good way? I might just let you watch while I have fun with your pain and you can't help but take in the way I tease you. Sometimes as a reward for your good behavior I can brush up against your sensitive spots. I will push you to the limit and stop at the best (or worst) possible moment.


I control your breathing and decide when you can gasp for oxygen and when you can't. I cover your mouth and nostrils with My hand, looking at your eyes, which may be burning with moisture. At the last moment I let the air flow freely into your lungs. On the other hand, I might make you lie on the floor and cover your face with the soles of My feet, pressing down. I reward you with sweet-smelling air and listen to your panting under Me with pleasure.


Even the ancient Chinese knew what kind of effect a drop of water can have! I use candles that are safe and yet feel wonderful to make you a living work of art. The stearin might drip in a hypnotically rhythmic and gentle manner, or I can punish you and push you to the limit of tolerable heat.


I let My animal side run wild with you, breaking a sweat while doing so. Noises are bound to be heard and your wriggling is useless as I put My whole body weight on top of you, holding on tight. I'll make sure you won't get away, no matter how hard you try to get out of My grip. After a wonderful wrestling session, it's good to relax for a while together.


Are you curious to learn what kind of power a suggestion can have? I'll wrap you around My pinky finger with just My voice. Within the hypnosis I'll place a nipple or a glans on your earlobe, or maybe I'll penetrate you in a mental image with a meter-long cock. Close your eyes and let your mind surrender as My voice and suggestions shape you to be just as receptive as I want you to be.

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